Royal New Zealand Ballet

We used Tikstream, Bravo’s own in-house streaming service, to deliver the RNZB’s outstanding digital content directly to the living rooms of thousands of viewers.


2020 was an unpredictable year for everyone. With the threat of lockdowns capable of halting physical performances at short notice, the Royal New Zealand Ballet (RNZB) were keen to find a simple, secure and reliable way to offer their high-quality digital content to their valued audience.

RNZB reached out to Bravo after hearing about Tikstream - a proven ticketed online streaming solution created in-house by the Bravo team. Tikstream enables audiences to easily access, support and experience the organisations they love from the comfort of their homes, on any device. A perfect fit for RNZB’s needs!

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Tikstream helped guide us through our online broadcast journey from the very beginning. Googe and his team have been incredible to partner with, working around the clock to provide support and find solutions to new challenges. Having an online platform has opened doors to an entirely new way of working and we and our fast-growing on-demand audience are delighted with the results.

Mink Boyce, Marketing and Sales Manager, Royal New Zealand Ballet

Our solution

We worked collaboratively with RNZB to get their first event, The Sleeping Beauty, set up and ready for sale in less than a week! 

Key features of our Tikstream solution for RNZB include:

  • Variable price range - RNZB can set a custom price range for their events including a minimum, maximum and starting price. Users can decide how much to contribute beyond the minimum, encouraging philanthropic support at the point of purchase.

  • Secure Access Code - Upon purchase, users are emailed a link to view the content, along with a limited-use Access Code. They need to enter their email and Access Code to view the content, and once the Access Code is used, it’s tied to the device the viewer unlocked the content on. This ensures purchases cannot be abused, and that multiple people aren’t accessing content from a single purchase.

  • Customer acquisition - Ticket buyers can opt to subscribe to updates from RNZB.

  • Data collection - All purchase data is provided to RNZB at the end of each event, including names and email addresses, desire to subscribe and amount paid.

  • Country-specific - Our Tikstream model allows for payments in New Zealand Dollars and for timings to be shown in the New Zealand time zone.

  • Customer service - If audiences needed any assistance, our Tikstream support team was on hand to help to resolve any potential issues.

  • Pricing structure - There are no upfront costs to using Tikstream! We simply collect a percentage of each successful transaction (10% of each transaction, plus 50c per transaction).


Launching with a quintessential classical ballet, The Sleeping Beauty, RNZB’s first Tikstream performance was a marked success, raising thousands of dollars of revenue to support the organisation and its artists. 

RNZB has since released multiple other performances through our Tikstream service, including Firebird, Paquita and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Their most successful event generated over $90,000 in revenue from a single performance, with over 4,000 ticket sales! 

Not only did it provide a remarkable source of revenue during a difficult period for the Arts, but Tikstream also helped RNZB to keep delivering and sharing their world-class content. 

And for their audience, the in-home RNZB experience was invaluable for those seeking entertainment, social connection and a sense of normality during lockdowns.

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