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Ugivo is a universal gift voucher that its recipients can use worldwide for any product or service that accepts Paypal.

Tired of the limitations of traditional gift vouchers that need to be spent in a specific store, Ugivo’s founders asked Bravo to develop a web-based platform to send gift vouchers electronically that would give their recipients a whole lot more choice.

UGIVO gorilla character and UGIVO site displayed on an iPhone UGIVO site displayed on Mac
A fragment of the website
A fragment of the website
A fragment of a website

Bravo’s solution

  • Provides a new level of convenience for purchasers – allowing them to buy the vouchers online, removing the need to visit a store
  • Factors in complex payment security features
  • Integrates seamlessly with PayPal
  • Automatically generates gift voucher notification to the recipient
  • Has an easy to use interface
A pencil drawing of UGIVO characters A digital drawing of UGIVO characters
Gorilla character
Lobster character
Pineapple character
Site elements

Services provided

Ideation, Animation, Art Direction, User Experience Design, Visual Design, Branding, Front-end Website Application Development, Payment & Ticketing Solution, Custom Back-end Application Development, Hosting and Digital Strategy

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Image credits:

Character design and animation by Michael B. Myers Jr.

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