We helped Roller achieve a multimillion-dollar evaluation.

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Roller is a digital sales and marketing platform used by the events and hospitality industry. Roller offers a suite of valuable analytical and reporting tools for maximising operational efficiencies and increasing sales. These include ticketing, POS, analytics, invoicing and direct marketing.

In 2013, when Bravo started working with Roller, it was a start-up achieving great things but restricted by its legacy software - technology that wasn’t meeting the volume of market demand for Roller. Bravo was asked to rebuild Roller’s software from the ground up to support the businesses growth.

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The rebuild has been a complete success. Our most successful year completed and the first time it’s been low maintenance for us as a business – proving we’re now operationally scalable.

– Will Nicholson, Founder of Roller

Adventure park and Spice market booking sites based on Roller platform
A fragment of the website
A fragment of the website
A fragment of a website

Bravo’s solution

  • Shapes Rollers product offering into a highly functional and valuable digital asset. Capitalises on detailed user research (undertaken by Bravo)
  • Incorporates a mobile optimised eCommerce booking engine for consumers
  • Reduces the time Roller spends managing venues and consumers – the digital solution is almost fully automated
  • Allows Roller to focus on sales activity, as opposed to managing product and support requests from account holders
  • Is compatible with mobile Apps Means account holders can efficiently manage their inventory, sales and marketing
Roller logo design process
Final logo on white background
Final logo on dark background
Roller logo, full version

Services provided

Art Direction, User Experience Design, Visual Design, Front-end Website Application Development, Custom Back-end Application Development, Payment & Ticketing Solution, Mobile Application Development, Hosting and Digital Strategy

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