We helped ease the blood glucose monitoring concerns of people living with diabetes.

Blood testing process and PredictBGL app displayed on a phone


People living with diabetes are in a constant game of cat and mouse, trying to balance levels of glucose in the blood stream. And while it’s much more manageable with today’s medical technology, it’s still hard to live a hassle-free life with diabetes. ManageBGL is a visionary business in the healthcare industry. Its founders saw an opportunity to alleviate some of the angst people living with diabetes experience when monitoring blood glucose levels by developing a blood glucose-monitoring app.

Bravo rose to the challenge creating an app based on extensive research with people living with diabetes and in the case of kids with diabetes, their parents.

Two iPhones displaying PredictBGL app pages

Winner of Stanford’s ‘DiabetesMine’ Patient Voices competition and the No. 1 insulin dosing app in 7 countries.

PredictBGL logo development
PredictBGL logo on white
PredictBGL logo on aqua
PredictBGL custom icons, fonts and colour palette

Bravo’s solution

  • Is much simpler to use than other products on the market
  • Links with PredictBGL’s prediction algorithm to deliver “just-in-time” alerts at critical points in the user’s experience
  • Redefines the speed and ease at which users enter their data
  • Includes a new brand identity and customised info graphics
  • Has been very well received with thousands of downloads in its first year
PredictBGL app pages displayed on phones

Services provided

Mobile Application Development, User Experience Design, Visual Design, Branding, Custom Back-end Application Development, Hosting and Digital Strategy

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