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Interviewing people online to simplify fact-finding is what Kwezzi is all about. Kwezzi is a digital platform that collects instant video responses to any question. Why waste time with long-winded face-to-face interviews and phone calls when a lot of what you need to know can be found out through simple video responses?

With a big idea to simplify recruitment, accommodation sharing, and market research, Kwezzi’s New York based founders asked Bravo to bring their idea for online questioning to life.

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I loved how Bravo engaged with our target market early in the piece, which gave me the confidence they were building something that was going to be relevant, and not waste my budget building out features that were going to have limited return.

– Mark Finn, Co-Founder & CEO of Kwezzi

A fragment of the website
A fragment of the website
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A fragment of a website
A fragment of a website

Bravo’s solution

  • Supports multiple end-user scenarios
  • Is fully responsive for mobile and web
  • Incorporates naming, branding and visual identity design
  • Features an easy to use content management system
  • Allows subscribers to capture valuable research data
  • Has a well researched UX overlay
Kwezzi logo design process
Kwezzi logo final design outline
Kwezzi logo final design in colour

Services provided

Ideation, Art Direction, User Experience Design, Visual Design, Branding, Front-end Website Application Development, Custom Back-end Application Development, Hosting and Digital Strategy

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