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We helped pioneer a new way to capture customer feedback.

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Engagement Innovation (EI) works with big retailers and customer servicing business to gather feedback from their consumers. EI saw an opportunity to capture consumer feedback without it being made public via traditional social media channels. Was there a way to give consumers a voice using digital technology without asking them to use social media, which has the potential to be damaging to a businesses reputation? Glow was born – a product that captures user feedback in a quick and easy way so businesses can learn from it, without being damaged by it. Glow is a closed feedback platform.

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The Bravo team was particularly impressive when it came to helping us map out the user experience we wanted to deliver.

– Tim Clover, Founder & CEO of Engagement Innovation

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Bravo’s solution

  • Quickly provided EI with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), so that EI, a start-up, could use the platform as a pitching tool for Glow
  • Provides businesses with game-changing insights to improve performance
  • Focuses on ease of use for the end-user
  • Excites and motivates the end user to complete feedback surveys and campaigns
  • Delivered a comprehensive brand package for Glow –brandmark, graphics, typography and colour palettes that are translated into the digital and print environments
  • Considers the complete customer experience (mapped out through rigorous Bravo research and testing)
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Services provided

Mobile Application Development, User Experience Design, Visual Design, Branding, Custom Back-end Application Development, Hosting and Digital Strategy

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